We can escape endless spiral of juggling happiness, sadness, love and fear and move further with sense of \”Satisfaction and Serenity\”


Satisfaction and Serenity ultimately translates to \”contentment.\” This is about mastering the art of feeling at ease and at peace with yourself.

 Encourages us to accept and appreciate what we have and what we are, right now. And from there, we can move forward in our life and practice with more ease and… contentment! .

By cultivating Contentment we can ease common fluctuations of minds like \”I\’ll be happy when/if….\”…etc. 

By recalling what makes us happy and what we love, we become aware of the richness of what is here already and enjoy what life offers us so abundantly.

Lead us towards a more positive relationship with ourselves, which is important as we cannot form authentic and sustainable relationships with others until the connection with ourselves is strong.

Satisfaction or \’contentment\’ doesn\’t mean idly sitting back and relinquishing the need to do anything. It simply means accepting and appreciating what we have and what we are already, and moving forward from there. 

Gratitude leads to satisfaction and Serenity

       One of the keys to living a happy and fulfilled life is gratitude.Gratitude is an empowering emotion. An attitude of Gratitude, to be grateful, means to appreciate what is valuable and meaningful to oneself which represents a general state of thankfulness and/or appreciation.

    Being constantly aware of your many blessings, and feeling grateful for them, will have a huge impact on the quality of life. When you are filled with appreciation, it quite literally changes the dynamic of your reality.

Increase power of Gratitude and happiness by following practices:

  • Focus on what you have not what you don’t have.
  • When you are having a hard day, make a gratitude list.
  • Instead of getting mad at someone, show gratitude.
  • Instead of criticizing, show gratitude.
  • When you face a major challenge, be grateful for it.
  • Express gratitude to others at every opportunity.
  • Gratitude is an antidote for fear, anxiety,  depression and uncertainty.


How to escape Endless spiral of juggling happiness, sadness, love and fear?

       But we do have to consider what goals are really important to our life, our world and our wellbeing. Getting that promotion, losing weight, buying the car, the house or even meeting someone and falling in love are all things that we seek outside of ourselves in order to make us happy – and sooner or later those things (or at least the initial joy of those things) leaves. Once we’ve fixed something in our lives, another thing seems to break

       Not to look outside of ourselves for happiness, but to realise that peace and happiness lies within. When we rely on things which are external to us to bring us freedom, we inevitably bind ourselves to discontentment even more. Our ego experiences joy, pain, loss, desire, greed and happiness, and we ultimately become attached to these experiences by either attempting to push them away, or by clinging to them – either way, it doesn’t tend to end well…

Realizing this, we can come closer to accepting that as nature constantly changes around us – the weather, the seasons, temperatures and life cycles – our body and mind too are subject to change. What made ‘us’ (and by ‘us’ I mean our body, mind and ego) ecstatic one moment may cause grief the next, but who we truly are underneath is unchanging, pure and true, and more than good enough!