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AI Computer Vision

AI Computer Vision product Use Cases

Text recognition,  face detection, barcode scanning, image labeling, object detection & tracking, landmark recognition, Smart Reply, translation, and language identification.

Automated checking of packaging Information 

  • Automated check of packaging information for Batch process.
  • Alerting the concerned coordinator in different forms such as 
  • Triggering Alarm Light.
  • Triggering Buzzer
    Sending an email with the reference number and picture.
  • Store all the details in database.
  • Sending Daily and Monthly reports.

Shape and Size detection of objects

  • Shape Detection: Selected 2-3 diamonds
  • Size Detection: Selected 2-3 diamonds

Counting Tablets during manufacturing

  • Manually counting tablets are prone to error and slow task.
  • The tablets are counted and registered in the Database. 

Defect detection during manufacturing

Detection of Defects during manufacturing process such as 

  • Metal
  • Granite
  • SMD Components
  • Increases the quality assurance and reduces QC costs.

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