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We work on Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) innovative solutions. The Power of Blending AI and IoT

IoT and AI are the most powerful technologies today and when blended, lead to the emergence of even more powerful technology that possesses the ability to change the world around itself. We provide AI enabled IoT modular platform, Web and Mobile platform Solutions.

Value of IoT is determined in its analysis and acting phase which has no meaning without AI. Sensors can only collect data and mere collection of data does not serve the purpose of a smart device. It is the artificial intelligence component blended with IoT devices that actually helps in making intelligent decisions.

The Power of Blending AI and IoT

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AI in IoT. To provide cutting edge AI and IoT Solutions and Services with empowering benefits of blend of AI and IoT. AIoT make lives easier and smarter with businesses effective and improved efficiencies.

What we offer?

Design & Development Services

* Design & Solutions Engineering
* Proof of Concept (POC) with quick prototyping
* Platform Identification and Evaluation
* Solution Architecture
* AI and Machine Learning
* Predictive Maintenance
* Complete product Delivery from concept to hardware product

System Integration & Services

* M2M AI Based Device Communication
* Web Application Development
* Mobile Application Development
* End To End System Integration Such As CRM, ERP And Other Applications
* Identify The Right Partner For IoT Platform
* Integration Of Email & SMS
* Testing And Verification

Maintenance & Support Services

* Ongoing Application Management
* Product & Service Enhancement
* Secure, Reliable, Scalable and OTA firmware updates
* Monitor and Manage Devices & Business
* Complete Product Maintenance and Delivery

About US


   Innovate2Automate Technologies PVT Ltd is a software and product solution development company with vision, focused on AIoT, make lives easier and smarter with businesses effective and improved efficiencies for making an intelligent connected world. We have an enriched team of professionals with decades of experience in various fields lead by an IT industry veteran with 18+ years of IT experience in embedded, Machine learning and AI space.

              I2A is engaged in end to end software and product prototype solutions, which includes Design Solution, System integration and Service Providers across various verticals such as Healthcare & Medical, Home & Consumer, Agricultural and Industrial Automation

Benefits of Integrating AI with IoT:

  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Connected Intelligence
  • Low Unplanned Downtime
  • New Products and Services
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Actions
  • Enhanced Risk Management

Our Focus

We provide quality solution with genuine IoT Platform

IoT Platform

Build-in IoT Platform is ready to integrate with any kind of IoT requirement. Having strong platform for IoT backbone

Web & Mobile platform Solution

I2A Is One Stop  for Web and mobile platform solutions

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is one of our key to core IoT business needs

App Development

Delivering an IoT solution with perfect mobile application support is our important key aspect in-terms of all engineering work

Explore Our Awesomeness

1. Contactless Visitor Management System and Attendance system

Pandemic situation has changed life style, new standards of safety concern are being established, major concern is safety of employees and managing visitors, so we innovate solution for that:Key Features

  • QR detection
  • Face detection
  • Mask detection
  • Social distancing
  • Temperature measurement

2. IoT in Health Measurement


  • Blood Pressure
  • SpO2
  • Heart Rate
  • Loadcell
  • Patient History
  • Digital Stethoscope
  • Temperature
  • Audio test

3. DICOM/DICONDE IMAGE VIEWER, Image Acquisition Software


  • Open images in JPEG, PNG, DCM, DICOM,TIFF & DICONDE (DCN) format from local
  • Export images in JPG, PNG, DCM, TIFF and DICONDE (DCN)
  • Zooming
  • Panning
  • Reset to original state
  • Scale 1:1
  • Best Fit
  • Split Image View (horizontal and vertical)
  • Flip Image (X & Y direction)
  • 90 degree rotate 
  • Magnifier (up to minimum 400%)
  • Screen Dump
  • Generate Histogram

4. I2A Modular IoT Platform

“I2A Modular IoT Platform includes Mobile and Desktop front end dashboard, Cloud server and sensor module with IoT device firmware is foundation stone of our business which reduces Time to Market of customer product launch”​

5. Smart Switch

Smart Switch is our best product where user can control all electrical and electronic appliances from the mobile application. With IoT enabled, we are able to successfully build this Smart Switch including electricity usage reports and instant alerts about the status of the devices

6. Smart Security

This product will be helpful to track the daily work status of your Security Guard instantly from anywhere around the world

7. Smart Inventory

Smart Inventory can be applied to the Logistics and Warehouse business areas, where everything (end to end) can be controlled. Status reports of Stock, Material In & Out, Reports of Work status will be available in Mobile App

Why AIoT?

  • Blending IoT and AI leads to the formation of a very powerful technology, AIoT, that helps make lives easier and smarter by providing devices the ability to collect data and then make human-like decisions by analyzing the data.


  • AIoT tends to make human lives easier by giving people an access to control everything like the appliances at their homes, their cars, heath, etc. without physical intervention, in just the click of a button.


  • AIoT is equally capable of making businesses effective and smart which leads to maximized profits and improved efficiencies with the help of robots, smart buildings, and other wearable devices for employees.


  • It also possesses the power to help and manage a large number of people around the globe together with the help of technologies like maps for real-time traffic detection, traffic management systems, face detectors, etc.

Why I2A?

Business Growth

Success Scrum Project Funding Marketing Seed Money Prototype Innovation Plays Major Roles In Our Gradual Growth.

Unlimited Revisions

Revising Our Own Finding Makes Us More Comfortable Towards Making A Quality Perfect Solutions.

End To End Solution

Our Strong Knowledge Makes Us To Find A Better End To End Solution With Our Own Core IoT Platform, For All Our Clients Requirements.

Strict Deadline

We Build IoT Solutions With Our Platform Not Only On-Time, Also We Deliver Smart IoT Solution Which Gives Smarter Technological Experience To The Clients

Smart IoT Experience

Since We Work On Agile Scrum Platform, We Deliver All Our Products And Solutions On Time Without Fail. Meeting Deadlines Is Our Key Thing In Our Portfolio.

Reputed Company

Deployment Ownership Non-Disclosure Agreement Vesting Period Crowdfunding Success Influencer Partnership All These Things Are Set And We Are Genuine With Our Profile In IoT.

Our Technical Team

Lucky Khemani

Technical Lead

Sagar GK

Technical Lead

Rushi Patel​

QA Lead

Srinivasan CP

Technical Lead

Prathiba Gowda

Quality Analyst

Neelu K

QA Lead

Videept Kohli


Sai Teja

AI/ML Intern


Marketing Intern

Our Achievements

Our Customers


“They Are One Stop Solution For All My Trending Day To Day Needs. I Love Their Facility And Their Team Especially, Who Are So Humble And Magnificent”
"Quality Has Never Been Compromised At I2A Tech As We Believe In Creating Relationships And Not Just A One Timer"
Jatin Patel
Financial Advisor
“I2A Tech Have Taken IoT Implications To A New Level And Are Always Engaged In Developing New Iyt-Smart Applications & Equipment Designs To Make Lives Better”​
Review Analyst

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