Remember that you are responsible for your own happiness. You can choose to be happy or sad, don’t blame situations


Glimpse of Being Responsible


Non-Attachment and Responsibility

      Ignorance like Attachment and hatred feelings are the root cause of unhappiness. Most of our day to day work is driven by Ignorance and attachment at back of our mind. Many parents play with the future of their kids as their present actions are biased with attachment and ignorance because they think that they are helping the kids or making them happy by fulfilling their unfavorable demands.

      This results to the decrease in tolerance and acceptance power of their kids by immediately fulfilling demands without exercising hardwork or discipline. Parents unknowingly sow the seeds of  attachment with immediate results of corresponding tasks and actions, which leads to impatience and very low tolerance power and the kids when grow up, end up with sufferings and unhappiness.

      Similar to parents behavior many professional and social tasks are performed with high attachment, implicit association with fruits or results of actions.

      Best way to replace attachment is with Responsibility along with blend of love. Being response-able means being conscious of others and able to provide a thoughtful response to their thoughts or behaviors. By being aware of the impact leaders and those around them can have on each other, both parties can create an appropriate response based on these ideals of consciousness and thoughtfulness.

         Engaging with your world in this way removes from you the feeling that you need to control your environment, which can feel burdensome and lead you down a path of overvaluing your own ego at the expense of your view of others.

         Responsibility  concentrate on best of actions instead worrying on results or expectations from others for own happiness


Three ways that we can take responsibility for our own happiness.

  1. DESIRE TO BE HAPPY – I know this may sound a bit obvious, but how can you expect to be happy unless you want to be happy? It’s essential that you make your own happiness a number one priority in your life. 
  2. MAKE GOOD CHOICES – Whenever we make a bad choice in life, like lying to closed ones, you feel very bad about yourself and you don’t really want to feel happy or reward yourself. It may seem irrational, but that is how our minds work! Also, it’s important that you make good choices based on how happy it will make you.
  3. FILL YOUR LIFE WITH PURPOSE – Although you may think that you would be happy if you could watch TV all day and eat ice cream and pizza, after a while all you would be feeling is indifferent. Pleasure and happiness are NOT the same thing. It’s been scientifically proven! True happiness comes from living a purposeful life.


      Taking responsibility means owning your part of the effort by co-creating to reach your common goal. On the other hand, neglecting to take responsibility for your world often manifests as finger-pointing or claiming of victim hood by those who have been wronged by others or blaming others for things not going as expected. Not taking responsibility is like blaming others for the state of your experience rather than stepping forward and owning your part of the responsibility of your Happiness.