Moral values lead you to your highest aspirations: peace, truth, abundance, harmonious relationships, contentment, purity, self-acceptance, love, and meaningful connection to the Divine—the essence of happiness and self-fulfillment.

Moral sentiments are emotions that alert us to moral situations and motivate us to do what is right. They include Non violence, Truthfulness, Honesty, Control on senses, Non-possessiveness.

If you want to change the world, you have to start with yourself. Moral values guide to how we can best act towards ourselves, and the world around us.



Non-violence or Non-harming:-The simplest way of achieving Peace and Happiness

      It means not blocking the progressive life of other living beings through thoughts, words, or deeds and freeing our-self from ill will. Knowing that harm caused to others unfailingly returns to oneself, live peacefully with God\’s creation. Never be a source of dread, pain or injury.

      Most important consideration in non-violence is purity in purpose, intent and action. It is not related to only physical performed actions. For e.g.,

  • Soldiers killing enemies of their country.
  • Doctor performing operations for welfare of  patient
  • Acts of violence with purity in purpose or intent or that happen accidentally are not considered as punishable offences. If one is driving a car in the correct lane, at the correct speed, with eyes fixed ahead, and someone suddenly comes and falls in front of the car and dies as a result, the court of law will not consider it as a culpable offence, provided it can be proved that the person had no intention to maim or kill. It is the intention of the mind that is of primary importance, and not the action.   


Truthfulness:-Attracts Happiness

      It means restraining oneself from distorting facts to suit one’s purpose. The practice of truthfulness takes us toward Absolute happiness; on the other hand, falsehood, while convenient, takes us towards pain, stress, sufferings, unhappiness, fear….etc.

      If we are dedicated to the truth and integrity, our thoughts, words and actions gain the power which influences the power of happiness in amazing ways.

      The truth reveals freedom, there is something that is uncovered, and you live with having nothing to hide.

     Truth transforms, it begins to reveal the beauty of your best intentions and you shift towards making the changes you need to live an inspired life!

      Refraining from lying and betraying promises. The truth makes it is easier to live life being yourself.


Honestly or Non-stealing:- Initiate Happiness

      Practice of Non-Stealing entails not committing theft physically and/or not causing or approving of anyone else doing so–in mind, words, or actions.

      Control your desires and live within your means. Do not use borrowed resources for unintended purposes or keep them past due. Do not gamble or defraud others. Do not renege on promises. Do not use others\’ name, words, resources or rights without permission and acknowledgments.

     Advantage of honesty and non-stealing behavior is to construct handwork habits instead developing laziness, negligence and easy path desires which leads to unhappiness.


Control on senses: Maintain Happiness

      The senses are notorious in their ability to drag the mind deeper into material illusion. They tempt the living being to seek immediate gratification. However, walking the path of virtue requires forsaking the lower sensual pleasures for achieving the higher goal. Thus, restraint of the senses is an essential virtue for treading the path to Absolute and long-lasting happiness.

      We can never get a fair amount of constructive action out of the mind until we have learned to control it and keep it from becoming stimulated by anger, hatred, dislike, etc. It refers to directing our energy away from external desires and instead, towards finding peace and happiness within.

      If we are able to direct our energy towards something positive each day – rather than directing our energy towards our often momentary or instant  pleasures or negative thoughts – we’ll not only be able to boost our immune system, but we’ll also actively be making the right use of our energy! 

      Easiest way to control senses is to create bigger Goals in life, when we are focus on achieving bigger goals, one need to control senses and concentrate on focused goal.Control of sense balances energies, it is withdrawing energies from non-focused tasks,avoiding energy channelized in instant pleasures and streamline towards focused bigger goal which needs higher energy.


Non-possessiveness: Avoids pain and suffering

      Non-possessiveness\” or ‘non-greed’,  or ‘non-attachment\” or ’\”non-grasping\” and helps us detach from strong feelings such as jealousy. It helps us to remember not to desire what isn\’t ours.

      This important practice teaches us to take only what we need, keep only what serves us in the moment and to let go when the time is right.

      Having given up attachment to the fruits of their actions, makes one always satisfied and not dependent on external things. We should never be concerned with the outcome of a situation, we should only be concerned with what we’re actually doing right now as we work towards that outcome.

      For example – how often do we worry about what might come of the effort we put into a project at work, a holiday we’re planning, or a meal we’re preparing, that we never really enjoy the work itself? So often we worry if we’ll be successful enough, or ‘good enough’ when we put our hearts on the line to show the world what we’re made of, that we forget why we started in the first place.